Co-Vid 19

At this time no one is unaffected by the insidious worldwide pandemic, Co-Vid 19, that has left countless people dead and economy’s in ruin.

Lets bring it a little closer to home and where you live. People have become unemployed and despite the stimulus checks and the emergency unemployment, many of us have fallen behind paying our bills. Still reeling from the economic collapse of 2008. the reserves that were in our bank accounts and 401k’s have not yet been replenished. There are options available to you to assist in trying to save you the place that we hold dear and call home.

Please look at the following options available to you and click for a more in depth explanation as to how we can help.



Short Sale


Seymour Law Firm, LLC is very experienced in the above mentioned matters and would be happy to schedule a complimentary teleconference call to help you explore the option that is right for you.